Registered Patent Attorney Thomas M. Frost | St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Orlando

Patent Attorney in the Central Florida Area

St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and Daytona Beach

The St. Petersburg office of Registered Patent Attorney Thomas Frost is dedicated to helping independent inventors find the best means to achieve success with their ideas and inventions.  Such services could include conducting a patent search to determine if patent protection is feasible, filing provisional or non-provisional patent application or filing a trademark application for protection of a mark associated with goods or services.  Along with intellectual property consultations and representations, the firm also provides services associated with small businesses, including the formation of corporations and limited liability companies.

Attorney Thomas M. Frost is available to help you find the best solutions for your intellectual property and small business entity legal needs in the following areas:

Patentability Opinions – your ability to patent the idea or invention that you have formulated depends upon the originality or novelty of your idea.  A patent search will provide you with a written opinion of the existence of “prior art” and whether other similar, relevant patents exist in the U.S. Patent system.

Provisional Patent Applications – a “patent pending” status is provided by a provisional patent.  A provisional patent is less costly and requires less documentation, however it provides minimal protection.

Non-provisional Patent Applications – The protection of a patent from manufacture, copying, use or sale of your idea is provided by a non-provisional patent.  This type of patent application will afford your idea the strongest protection and it requires more detailed documentation, drawings and research.

Trademark Applications – if your idea or invention is identified by a unique symbol, name or word, you can protect that identifying mark or name from use by others with a trademark, or for a service, a servicemark.

Small Business Matters, Including Entity Formation – you should consider forming a business entity to hold, manufacture or market your idea or invention.  Find out which type of business entity is best for your needs and how to set it up and run it in accordance with Florida law.

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